Whatever the occasion you will need a catering company that can truly deliver. At « Le Chaudron » all of our catering services are specifically tailored to meet our customers’ individual requirements. We take each new special occasion as a blank canvas and then blend your ideas with our flavors to enthrall and delight your guests.


« Le Chaudron » Catering Services has many years of experience within the catering industry. We cater for a wide variety of occasions including wedding catering for receptions, party catering for special occasions such as christenings, birthdays and anniversaries.   Our menus are extremely adaptable, combining both contemporary and traditional food designs.


Our menus can be manipulated to suit personal taste, individual budget or theme for the occasion. We have strict stock control and rotation processes in place to make sure our finished products are the very best we can make them. We constantly monitor the quality of our suppliers products to ensure they meet our own high standards, and thereby ensure what we deliver to our customers always meets their expectations.


Le Chaudron Boutique located in Hazmieh, is a unique place dedicated to offer the best to its clientele: Daily plats du jour, quality freshly cooked meals, pastries… Like you, we believe that the good things in life deserve to be done properly, and we wouldn’t settle for anything less than the best.